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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

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T:01704 833588   M:07831 809270

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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

A local company providing a quick response to the home and business user


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Windows 10 will be the latest edition to the Microsoft operating systems. Most users will be given the opportunity to upgrade existing previous versions of software.

Keeping your Hardware and Software up to date is important, as new technology demands the two are kept in tandem.

This means that older software may not work with the new platforms and similarly old hardware cannot run the newer software.

Currently we are running PCs with New chip technology with faster more powerful processors that will run the latest operating systems.

As a computer user you are put in a position to upgrade at some point or not be able to use your applications. Those users of the old XP o/s are now experiencing those problems.Upgrading your equipment can be an issue and the trauma with getting it working with your existing software and data.We have the experience and knowledge to make this a smoother transition.

Keeping you data safe and being able to get it back if you have a problem is something that is usually not taken into account by most home users, business’ s are aware of it more but don’t always take adequate measures.

A system crash, hardware failure, disk crash or software corruption can cause data to be lost. Viruses and malware may also be responsible for loss, even malicious damage by other users.

Having up to date copies of your data is vital. Have them easily accessible keep multiple copies in case it cannot read.

Data including Documents, Spreadsheets, Outlook emails Address Books, Family photos, and Windows Licences, Activation keys, Original CD’s all important not having all the relevant software can be a great challenge to get a system up and running again.

No computer is 100% full proof and can crash or freeze at any time, at an  inconvenient time, emailing or paying a bill on-line. The mouse pauses and nothing works or your screen becomes a blue page with warnings about hardware and rebooting. Usually freezes occur due to Hardware conflicts, new software updates causing driver incompatibility issues or Physical damage to the Disk or memory modules.

Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help viruses and scams

Virus Software

Always ensure you are always up to date with your software.Be aware of scams and bogus emails Don’t Click on links or visit dodgy websites

viruses and scams


email setup

Networks Routers

Modern day home and business users computers need full access to the Internet via a broadband or cable connection, accessing their Network via a Router using Cable or wireless solutions. Routers tend to be straightforward plug and play, however configuring the Router for additional functions may cause the user headaches. Similarly Firewalls may need to be configured, for remote access to a local PC or accessing surveillance cameras remotely.You maybe experiencing problems with the Broadband and Speed issues on PC’s and Laptops failing to connect wirelessly  Troubleshooting and setting up networks is something we can do. Advice on How to configure, position and use the Router.


Data Recovery

If your data is corrupted or lost, we have experience in attempting repair or retrieval if not it may need recovery specialists. We can also advise and recommend effective backup procedures in order to safeguard your important data from future loss.

Backup data

Virus and spyware attacks can be very serious issues and cause the computer not to run, run slowly or become corrupted and unstable, held to ransom by hackers encrypting your data.

Emails can be the main cause of your virus problems, opening links on the email can download payloads onto your computer and cause infection. Types of harm include trojans where logging of your keystrokes are sent back to hackers trying to get bank details or passwords. Opening up and replying to emails perpetrating to be your Bank accounts such as and PayPal can give your details away to rogue websites.

Other scams include high jacked email addresses from friends being isolated in foreign countries and needing money, always be on your guard.

 Professional help will clear the virus and to repair the damage it might have done. We can install anti-virus software and also advise about firewalls and other methods of protection to keep your data safe.

Freezing Crashing


Anti-Virus and Malware software programs are available to download on the Internet, some are free and others by subscription. Free software is usually the basic or Lite version of the full program, missing technical support, version updates and limited functionality. Importantly protecting your Computer using signatures downloaded as updates. They Check in real time, allow scheduled scanning and check emails sent and received.

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