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A local company providing a quick response

Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

Providing support to home and business users in Formby and Sefton areas.


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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

T:01704 833588  M:07831 809270

Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

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Software and Hardware issues

We provide a fast and reliable and friendly service right to your home or Business

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T:01704 833588   M:07831 809270

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On-Site Help for your PC at home and at work

Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

IT Professionals

Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help

A local company providing a quick response to the home and business user


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PC Help & Support



Quick Response

Quick Response

Based in Formby we can provide a fast response to your problem or request and be at your home or business usually the same day. We aim to have you up and running in a reasonable time frame. Our prices are competitive and no call out charge. Payments by cheque, cash and Paypal.



Having your PC maintained is crucial to ensure longevity of the equipment. Keeping up to date with Windows Updates, Virus signatures etc. will ensure a more reliable robust machine. We can audit and recommend how best to achieve this.



Owning a PC is just like owning a car it needs to be used correctly and be maintained. We have gained many years experience in the IT business have a wealth of information of the do’s and don’ts working with PC’s. We use best practice methods our clients receive the best advice and get a professional and reliable service.

Installing a new printer and getting them to work with your PC. Upgrading your PC and trying to connect to an old printer. Setting up a wireless printer to print from you PC or phone.

home visits

Home Visits

technical help

Technical Help

You may feel you don’t want to go to the trouble of taking your desktop to the shop for fixing, thinking of the hassle of cables moving the equipment. Not all Computer companies provide home visits. We do offer this service  appreciate are a friendly company and have total respect for your equipment and property.

The modern computer can now be quite complex in terms of its operating system and software programs. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with lots of PC related issues and find the best and quickest solutions. We aim to provide quick results and get you up and running.

More frequently software is being updated, whether the operating system or the desktop programs. Upgrading to newer versions is something we can help you with and transferring your data, to new PC’s

Setting up new email accounts or having issues trying to send and receive your emails. Backing up and transferring between machines.

email setup

Email Setup

Where you have more than one device i.e PC, Laptop, Imac, Smart phone  that needs connecting into a network either via cable or wirelessly. We can configure for you and provide the necessary hardware.

viruses and scams

Viruses and Scams

Viruses caused by opened emails, or clicking on a rogue site. These sometimes can make your PC or un operable or held to ransom. If it’s too late we can endeavour to remove and heal you PC and update your Virus programs.  





PC crashes

PC Crashes

New to using your PC or trying to get your software working. Training on using your PC how to navigate, sending emails or browsing the Internet or using a spreadsheet or creating a document.

Your PC may just stop working or run slow. Due to hardware failure ie. disk failure or software corruption in Windows. We have the tools and experience to get you up and working. However hard disk failures may need a new drive. Having backups and original disks will help the cause.

PC advice


Pc Doctor

“Our aim is getting you back up and running quickly“

Backup dataComputer repairvirus alertsbrodband issues

Broadband issues

Getting broadband issues, slow connections or not working. Something we can help you with testing your connections and your PC network settings.

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Helpfixmypc PC Support and Help


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